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Epik High in America


Epik High is three super talented artist that makes music that speaks to the soul. The lyrics are super strong when it hits the ear and mind. The lyrics are written from group member Tablo also known as Daniel Lee. This guy is a prodigy at creating very powerful lyrics. Tablo is a alumni at Stanford University, in 3 and a half year of school he graduated with a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Creative Writing. That is right, this guy is a total genius and that is why he makes the No.1 Top Charted and meaningful songs.
Because he finished his Bachelor’s and Master’s in such a short amount of time, he was attacked by many. Tablo has been through very cruel and tough times. In very deep details, click on the link to read more of the Persecution of Tablo.

epikhigh_kpop2014_650-430I cannot express how much appreciation and love I have for this guy, his music, and his group. They are true music artist. One of their most recent album is their 8th album “Shoebox.” Every song on the album is worth listening to. Of course the language is Korean, but you have to read the English lyrics to really get the message. If you have not seen, be sure to check out the hit Music Video             “Born Hater,” that song is insanely, crazily sick!
Click the link below to view the Music Video.
I am not much of a Rap listener, but their style of Rapping is superiorly, high-minded. I really wish I am able to attend their concert in Chicago! It would be an honor to meet the most inspiring poetic and talented Tablo. Their tour in America will kick off in San Francisco on May 28. Listen to these guys and they will make you fall head over heels with Rap songs.
Below is a list of Epik High’s North American Tour Dates!
Message to Tablo,
You are the King. I cannot believe all the crap you go through and where you are today, God is good. I really hope to meet you at the Chicago Concert. Socrates once said “He is a man of courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the enemy.” Thank you for what you do. Much love and support to you and your family.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory


After all the rain and mucky weather in Minnesota the sun is starting to show up finally. A great place to visit if you are in the Twin Cities area is Como Park Zoo and Conservatory! Its free!

There are many friendly animals at the zoo. Visit the animals and become a zoologist for a day! Observe how and what they eat, how and where they sleep, and their daily living at the zoo. Again,the animals are super friendly. Animals you will find at the zoo are flamingo, giraffe, gorilla, lion, ostrich, penguin, polar bear, seahorse, seal, spider monkey, sloth, tiger, wolf, zebra, and many many more!

DSC_1281DSC_1321Shots of flowers that was captured on our visit there Tuesday

Looking for family fun? Take your children to Como Town. It is a little amusement park next to the zoo. There are many rides there for children to enjoy, great food at the concession stands, and a Como Town general store.
Visit this link for tickets and passes to Como Town Amusement Park.
Visit this link for list and description of rides at the park.
Visit this link for the Como Town Hours

Don’t forget to visit the Cafesjian’s Carousel, tickets are $2 per person.
Visit this link for hours and tickets.

One of the area parents and children enjoy together is the different variety of gardens!
The Charlotte Partridge Ordway Japanese Garden
Sunken Garden
The Collection of Bonsai
and Many Many more garden

We visit the zoo quite often and we enjoy it every time we visit. The flowers and plant in the garden always seem to amaze us. There are different flowers constantly and every times we go there it is always something new. The animals are adorable, we especially enjoy observing the primates! We also stop by Como Town to enjoy foot long hot dogs and corn dogs, cotton candy, and snow cones.

Visit Como Park Zoo and Conservatory and I hope you enjoy the Zoo and Park!

Below is a video of our day at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Enjoy!

Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Lake Elmo Park Reserve is part of the Washington County parks it is about 11 miles East of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The park is a great place to spend time with your family with many fun things to do. Popular for picnicking and enjoying a great day at the beach to just chill out on a hot summer day and enjoy a cold slice of watermelon. Go for a run or walk surrounded by a beautiful landscape or even bike. Want to go fishing with the little ones, great! The fishing pier is a great place to enjoy the waves as the boats go by, watch the sunset, or fishing. Multiple playgrounds are present at the park for children to enjoy. Camp for a night or two at the park and enjoy nature.

When visiting the park you will need to purchase a Washington County day pass or annual permit to get inside the park, so make sure to stop in the office. Daily pass cost about $5 and an annual pass cost about $25. These permits will get you to any Washington County Parks. Click the link to get a list of the Washington County Parks.
You may also visit Lake Elmo Park Reserve or any Washington County Parks on the first Tuesday of each month for free without a vehicle permit.

Below is a video of our day in the summer of 2013 enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve.

We visit the park very often, and the children love it. We like to explore and enjoy walking around the park. The children enjoy playing at the playground while we get lunch or dinner ready! If you are in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area in Minnesota check out Lake Elmo Park Reserve! Hopefully you will enjoy your stay at the park like we do!


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